Pet Hair Dryer Brush

Pet Hair Dryer Brush


Innovative and practical gadget, dry and brush your pet at the same time with this Dryer Brush combination.

The Dryer Brush is thoughtfully designed to become your favourite grooming tool. It begins with the drying unit which can be coupled with two interchangeable brush heads; Pin brush to remove tangles or Slicker brush to remove fur and dead hair. Deliberately crafted with lightweight material, this grooming unit creates ease and comfort on your wrists during the drying process.

The unit comes with two temperature settings, cool breeze (40~C) and warm wind (60 ~C), to minimise accidental burns, and dual air flow control, creating comfortable noise levels for your pet.

A pet-centric design suitable for pet hair and skin. It’s a grooming dryer that both you and your furry companion will appreciate and enjoy for many years to come.